Coastal and Marine Systems

Coastal and Marine Systems

Design team:

Paul Lavery, Edith Cowan University


Paul Lavery


Coastal and Marine Systems is a course where activities are specifically designed to mirror the typical problems that a coastal manager or an environmental consultant might encounter. For example, in one major task, it is proposed that as part of the approval for a marina, annual monitoring of water quality is required. The monitoring encompasses water inside the marina as well as a site several hundred meters outside the marina, in well-flushed ocean conditions. The students are provided with a set of real data collected by the course teachers from inside and outside the marina, and they are required to understand, analyse and interpret the data and draw conclusions as to whether the water quality within the marina is different to that outside, and if so explain the possible causes. The evaluation is presented as a report within the context of the renewal of the marina license.

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